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QuickFreedom 1.2 is a jailbreaking utility for Windows
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QuickFreedom 1.2 is a jailbreaking utility for Windows. This application only works with 2g iPod Touch devices. Trying it with any other device will result in a quite expensive paper weight. When you first run QuickFreedom it will look into your device's firmware and tell you whether or not your device can be jailbroken. Even if it is not ready, a firmware update will do the trick. If everything is a go, the application will let you move to the next step, in which you download a modified restore firmware that will unlock your iPod's potential. When QuickFreedom is done moving files from and to your device, Cydia and Installer will can be optionally installed on your device. You kind of need those, so you might as well install them now (and automatically). QuickFreedom can detect your device's connection status, which eliminates most errors when trying to flash a device. As a plus, QuickFreedom has a mode that allows you to change your systems boot-up logo from your computer. Once your device is jailbroken, you just follow instructions and select an image. All in all, the application is really easy to use, and is proven to work. However, there are risks involved in working with this type of devices, so use it at your own risk.

José Fernández
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